Multi is a studio that specializes in experience design.

We assess problems, open up untapped opportunities, and rally design thinking skills around the goals of businesses, organizations, and people. Our primary focus involves designing digital products that help make people’s lives better and businesses succeed. We believe in the power of  “Design That Does”.


What Are "Digital Products"?

Digital products—just one of our many work outcomes—are anything that facilitate intuitive interactions between people and useful products, services, and informative experiences, such as:


Design That Does

This is our work philosophy and approach. In other words, we strive to do work that matters—work that solves problems and makes a positive impact. We think design that does:



Our work is not static—it’s in a constant dialog with the people using and viewing it. We know that there is no business, brand, product, environment, social movement, nor service without human participation—this largely drives our design intent. When we take the time to learn what people need and want, we create products and services that inspire action and participation.



We serve as a translator between people and technology. In doing so, we dissolve any inherent barriers between them, so that humans are empowered, not hindered, through intuitive, useful experiences. When we empower people, stronger bonds between organizations and their audiences are formed.



We work with our clients to uncover opportunities to transform their businesses and propel them into the future. Whether we are building something new for a startup, or re-imagining an established product’s potential, we strive to do work that matters: work that redefines categories, transforms businesses, adapts to human need, and endures as a foundation for future ideas.